Since graduating in 2018 from BA Visual Communication: Illustration at Birmingham City University, Ollie has been working as a part-time illustrator

and part-time barista/store assistant.

With a fascination with the outdoors and exploring, he uses this to his advantage in creating digital-environments to try and take the audience through his mind (sometimes also travelling through the mind of the audience). He’s inspired by how different places affect us, so this is mostly seen through his use of vibrant colour, quirky shapes and abstract textures

Ollie, is diverse in the way he works. Preferring to work in mixed-media, he is constantly refining his craft. Therefore, he uses programmes such as C4d, Maya and SketchUp and rapid prototyping to add variety to his creations. 


When he's not fixing his bike, and any other DIY projects, he's off exploring, seeing friends, playing video games and painting from life.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”– Napoleon Hill